I love the 90's 2013

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'I love the 90's The party' in 2003! My annual post, so it seems... Thanks for pointing that out, Jan! and Melvin.

I love the 90s 2012

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Another year, another 'I love the 90's The party'... Time flies...

I love the 90s 2011

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Omfg! It has been a year since a new post! Short: 'I love the 90's The party' takes place again...

I love the 90s 2010

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Saturday April 10th it is time to dust off all those nineties classics again. 'I love the 90's The party' takes place in the Ethias Arena in Hasselt. It's also the largest event hall in Belgium, the arena holds up to 21,600 people.

I also bought a 'Baywatch' t-shirt to get in the mood on play.com, check this t- shirt below. Thx to Phil for that, the 'Baywatch' theme was his idea.


Review - Overall score is 2/5, fun event but nothing special.

  • MC Hammer: 3/5 - Good performance, nice dancing skills.
  • Def Dames Dope: 0/5 - Omfg, /quit.
  • Regi: 2/5 - Good 90's DJ-set but not really a 90's performance.
  • Rednex: 3/5 - Good performance and nice show.
  • Double Vision: 1/5 - Only one number that most of us remember.
  • D-Devils: 2/5 - Again one memberable number, nice CGI.
  • Mo-Do: 0/5 - What a doughbag! He thinks he's god or something.
  • DJ Ward: 2/5 - Nice DJ-set to warm up the crowd.


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Yeah, this is a website built from scratch. So there are some bugs here and there, thanks Jan! for pointing that out...

Maybe a good tip for everyone building a website, do the "Itrntinliztin" test. I found an excellent website that explains and solves these character sets and character encoding issues: http://www.phpwact.org/php/i18n/ charsets. Here's another excellent and comprehensive website about unicode: http://www.joelonsoft ware.com/articles/Unicode.html.

I've some problems with double encoding the information on my website. What is the best way to store and retrieve information from the database? Can somebody help me? This is what I've done so far:

  1. Added some HTML code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> and <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
  2. Added some PHP code: header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');
  3. Stored all the POST information without any encoding.
  4. What should I do next? I want to escape all html tags and I want to encode everything in UTF-8. I think that using the php function htmlentities($my_var, ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8"); isn't good. But when do you have to use this function? Can somebody help me?!

Other questions, suggestions or comments? Please let me know!

Hello world

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Oh, hi there! Welcome to the new and improved hawkeye.narfum.be! This is the fifth version of my personal website since 1998. Today, on April Fools' Day, I released my new website, the old one wasn't really up to date anymore. I hope you enjoy my new website.

This website is a sort of toy and test project to keep up my PHP, Javascript, (X)HTML, CSS, etc. skills sharp and fresh. I will try to update my blog regularly, I promise. Yeah, real promise. Don't forget to check out my other blog about me and my girlfriend building our own house. The blog is in Dutch, so too bad for the non-Dutch speakers...

Robin out!